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Sip Graze Love

Grazing Boxes

Each box comes complete with a selection of thoughtfully selected cured meats, soft and hard cheeses, artisan preserves, cruditiés, fresh seasonal fruits, dried fruits, olive, nuts and chocolate. Our grazing boxes are meant for just that, grazing away. If you would like your box to fill you up and serve more like a meal, just let us know and we will size it up for you.

  • Your choice of Brie or Boursin Cheese

  • French Baguette and Speciality Crackers

  • Wholesome dips

Individual Grazer

Serves 1
*Minimum order of two boxes


Two Can Graze

Serves 2

*Size up if you want to use it for dinner.

Medium Classic Grazing Box

Serves 4


Super Grazer Box
Serves 8

The Signature Sip and Graze
Serves 10
This box is packed with everything from out classic box plus truffle cheese, artichoke hearts, Spanish chorizo, two types of bruschetta, mediterranean goat cheese, fine chocolate bonbons, mixed nuts and many more gourmet items.

We also have individual charcuterie cups for $15 and small dessert boxes also available. Call for quote.

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