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about Patty
Patty Warren

Hi! I am the owner and creator of SipGrazeLove. My name is Patricia, you can call me Patty or Patricia either way works for me. I am a proud and crazy Latina chick living her designer dreams creating memories for great people. I love people as much as I love food, decor and fashion... Oh and wine! 

My family is the most important part of my life and I will do anything for them. I am a proud mom of three wonderful and amazing kids who are growing faster than what I would like. I am an equally proud step mom of three wonderful young adults who I love dearly. There is nothing better than having my big family all together. I am extremely thankful to have an amazing and supportive husband who believed in my dreams and encouraged me to follow them.


I am the happiest when I am cooking and entertaining and gathering with the people I love. The endless conversations around the table are truly priceless and I take great pride in showing my appreciation  for others by making them delicious food! Through the years I have been told many times I should be an event planner or have my own catering business. All my friends would always compliment my appetizers and decor whenever they were over for drinks, so here I am making grazing boxes & boards! 

I spent many years in the corporate world working in Human Resources, Supply Management and Health and Safety, my background is in Business Administration with a major in Human Resources Management. I loved the corporate world but I loved being a full time mom more. I also work as a Speech and Language Assistant at a local school and I absolutely love helping children learn. 


I am very thankful I found a way to combine my passion for food and people complimented by my creativity and my love for togetherness to offer you a one of a kind grazing experience.

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